In our January 24th NPU meeting, Enrique Bascuñana from the planner’s office made us aware of an ordinance that pertains to Farmers’ Markets in the city. Please review it and submit any comments.

The message from Enrique with the attachments linked below:

“The Farmers’ Market legislation is a text amendment to the zoning ordinance.  This legislation has been placed on the January NPU meeting agenda for information purposes only– a vote is not required by the NPU this evening.  The legislation will be placed back on the meeting agenda again in February – for a formal vote to be taken and any final recommendations to be submitted to the City.   The NPU will have up until the February meeting to review the legislation and submit any questions or comments to the Office of Planning or Office of Sustainability.  A revised ordinance, made in response to the NPU comments, will be distributed in March and will then be presented to the Zoning Review Board (ZRB) at a ZRB public hearing in April.

Attached are copies of the proposed Farmers’ Market legislation and fact sheet that are being distributed to the NPUs this month.

Please submit in writing questions or comments that you may have regarding the content of the legislation for clarification of the proposed regulations or consideration of any revisions to be made.”


Z-10-030 Farmers market zoning ordinance text amdt_121710 – REVISED

Z-10-030 Farmers Market Fact sheet